NFM: The Leader in Global Field Service for Your Extruder System

As a leader in the design and manufacturing of extrusion equipment, NFM is staffed with an experienced team of technicians prepared to assist you with your field service requirements for your extruder service needs. Be it regularly scheduled preventative maintenance or a tactical breakdown; count on NFM for fast response, knowledgeable field technicians, and a value-added extruder service philosophy.

Key field service offerings include:

  • MAC Equipment (Move, Add, or Change):

    Moving, adding, or changing your engineered solution opens windows for problems to occur. From leveling and aligning the extruder machine to grounding and wiring of controls, there is a lot involved in enhancing your production lines.

    NFM’s staffs of Mechanical, Electrical, Controls and Process engineers and technicians are available to provide on-site or remote service, be it full project management or site engineering and supervision.




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  • Process & Equipment Diagnostics/Troubleshooting:

    NFM has the personnel to get you back on track with a team of engineers and technicians experienced in all disciplines (mechanical, electrical, controls, process, and materials) of equipment systems. Monitoring system performance and data trends, our engineers can evaluate your process and equipment to ensure continued optimal production.






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  • System Controls:

    NFM’s Controls Engineers can troubleshoot system performance diagnostics to inspect and improve full extrusion system performance. Whether you’re experiencing unexplained interruptions in performance or looking to add upstream or downstream equipment, our controls specialists are available to help improve your systems onsite or offer extruder service over the phone.










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  • Screw & Barrel Evaluation: 

    If your extrusion equipment is not performing to your expectations, it could be that the clearance levels between the barrel and feedscrew need adjusting. NFM can measure single or twin-screw extruder feedscrews and barrels with specialized instruments with minimal downtime. 

    Damage, wear, and corrosion can be measured and evaluated onsite or shipped in to NFM for recommended repairs regardless of whether NFM was the OEM. Feedscrews can often be ground, straightened, and rebuilt to eliminate the need of purchasing new equipment. NFM’s engineers and metallurgists will evaluate and can often recommend upgraded designs and materials of construction to ensure optimal performance for your specific application.










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  • Extruder Alignment:

    Ever-increasing demand on extrusion equipment for increased production rate and quality, amplifies the need for ensuring complete alignment. Poor alignment of extruder barrel(s) can not only cause costly, excessive wear on screws and barrels, it can also contribute to premature failure of gearbox bearings, seals, and other mechanisms as well. Other impacts are excessive vibration, noise, and increased coupling and bearing temperatures. 

    Extruder alignment, when performed as part of a regular preventative extruder service maintenance program, can increase the service life of critical components. Equipped with traditional visual optics and state-of-the-art laser systems, NFM can establish a baseline on the existing alignment of your motor, gearbox, and barrels. Adjustments are then made to the barrel mounting and support devices to correct any deviation.

    It is highly recommended that extruders are checked for alignment each time the barrel is removed or when an extruder is relocated. Moreover, as part of a regular preventative maintenance program, shaft alignment of all critical equipment should be performed annually.

    Vibration and frequency spectrum analysis are a couple techniques which can be used to monitor and diagnose misalignment, bearing wear, and electrical vibration.


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  • Gearbox & Lubrication System Inspection & Maintenance:

    NFM and its subsidiaries have been engineering, building, and refurbishing gearboxes for industrial machinery for near a century. Thanks to NFM’s regular inspection and maintenance programs, gearboxes originally built in the 1950s and 1960s are still operating today producing rubber and plastic materials around the globe.

    NFM offers onsite monitoring and inspection of gearbox performance as well as repair and refurbish programs. NFM will disassemble, inspect, and advise on your gearbox’s condition. Replacement of worn or damaged parts happens in our facility and can be reinstalled and aligned by our trained technicians.






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  • Vibration Analysis:

All rotating machines tend to vibrate to varying degrees. Newly built components are designed in the factory to maximize efficiency by ensuring adherence to critical clearance and alignment tolerances as well as proper fit and tightening of parts. Over time and use, these conditions will slowly degrade. Bearings, gears, and other performance critical components wear overtime creating increased clearances and room for movement.

Engineers, technicians, and extruder machine operators can identify changes in vibration by noticing changes in the sound of the equipment, or the temperature of the housings. By the time the changes in vibration can be detected by the human ear, however, considerable wear has already taken place.

NFM can provide regular inspection of your critical components by measuring and recording vibration data. Over time, data trending helps detect increased vibration and helps to pinpoint the source. Identifying the source of vibration early can mean the difference between changing out a bearing, and replacing an entire motor or gearbox. 

Put NFM to work on your next global field service challenge. Call us at 330-837-3868 or initiate a quote today.