NFM Extruder Gearbox Evaluation & Repair

Single and Twin Screw Extruder Gearboxes


NFM and its family of companies have been designing, building, and servicing extrusion equipment for the rubber and plastic industries since the late 1800's. As a full service OEM, NFM takes great pride in partnering with our customers to not only maintain the extruders we sell, but all of our customers’ extrusion equipment, regardless of OEM.

Gearbox performance and reliability is crucial to any extrusion operation. 

As an extruder OEM with a very diverse product line, NFM is well versed in a full range of polymer extrusion processes:

  • Single-Screw Extruders for Rubber
  • Single-Screw Extruders for Plastics
  • Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders
  • Counter-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders

NFM is experienced in a full range of extrusion gearboxes:

  • Single- and Twin-Screw Extrusion for Rubber and Plastics
  • Single, Double, Triple Reduction
  • AGMA 12 Gear Quality
  • Roller and Stacked Thrust Bearings
  • Forced Lubrication, Lube Tubing, and Splash Type Lube Systems
  • Vibration, Noise, and Thermal Imaging Analysis

NFM's trained Extruder Gearbox Technicians will inspect your gearbox and advise you on its performance and condition. Evaluation and repair services include:


  • Inspection of all gears for wear or cracking
  • Inspection of all bearings and fittings
  • Inspection of the lubrication system
  • Inspection of gearbox housing

Repair Services:

  • Complete clean-up of gearbox housing and inner surface inspection
    • May include stripping and resealing/coating of housing surfaces
  • Replacement of any required components
    • Gears, Bearings, Fittings, Seals, Lube Filters, Etc.
    • Input/Output shaft seal area repair.
  • Post-Repair Performance Verification
    • Extensive testing of the gearbox and lubrication system
    • Testing for noise, vibration, lubrication flow, etc.


Whether due to performance concerns, or as part of your regular pre-maintenance schedule, NFM’s gearbox repair technicians will inspect, evaluate, repair, and have your gearbox back to efficient and optimal condition – helping you prevent costly downtime and lost production. 

Put NFM to work on your next polymer extruder parts and service challenge. Call us at 330-837-3868, or initiate a quote today.