HRX-II Rubber Extruders

Your Affordable, Reliable Resource for Rubber Extruders

When looking for a rubber extruder manufacturer, you owe it to yourself to work with the one that believes reliability is your right. NFM fully understands that when it comes down to meeting your customers’ demanding rubber extrusion expectations, reliability in machine design and service is absolutely critical.

NFM and its wholly owned European subsidiary, NFM IDDON, are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of rubber extruder systems, with more than 100 combined years of experience serving the global rubber marketplace. Each NFM HRX-II rubber extruder is custom-designed and engineered to provide enhanced productivity and ease of maintenance.

Not only does NFM provide a full line of secondary auxiliary equipment, field service, and parts for our line of HRX-II rubber extruders, NFM can also meet your needs for rubber extruder machine rebuilding and retrofitting of any extruder OEM. This exclusive program can improve machine performance and production from your existing rubber extruders, regardless of their origin or application. NFM has proven performance in practically every application in the rubber industry:

  • Belt Extrusion (Transmission, Conveyor, etc.)
  • Cross-Head Extrusion (Hydraulic, radiator, & garden hose; Wire coating, etc.)
  • Automotive Seal Systems
  • Tire & Tread Extrusion
  • Industrial Rubber Products
  • Rubber Molded Products

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HRX-II Series Smooth Bore Extruders

HRX-II rubber extruders are based on a modular design concept with all major assemblies interchangeable. This modular approach allows NFM the ability to design and build systems to meet your individual requirements. Features include:

  • Extruder diameters ranging from 1.5” (38mm) to 10.0” (250mm)
  • Vented and non-vented barrels
  • Horizontal or vertical gear reducers
  • Optional head clamping arrangements

HRX-II smooth-bore cold-feed rubber extruders provide lower porosity in continuous-cured rubber extrusions. Screw Designs are custom engineered and tailored to meet your production and process requirements for a wide range of materials.

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HRX-II-P Series Pin Barrel Extruders

The NFM HRX-II-P Series rubber extruders offer an innovative modular door design for improved feeding of compounds and less trailings. This improved design can also be retrofitted to mount to any rubber extruder OEM. Also featuring an optional variable speed feed-roll assembly, the HRX-II-P offers uniform feeding, eliminating the coupling gear and requiring less maintenance. Other unique design features include:

  • Extruder diameters ranging from 3.5” (90mm) to 10.0” (250mm)
  • Tuck-under motor with direct drive configurations for space-savings
  • Power feed-roll-door assembly
  • Larger right- or left-hand feed section opening, allowing easy cleaning.

Please see our HRX-II series specifications for more information on our rubber extruder offerings, as well as our rubber extruder accessories for information on products designed to improve performance and production on rubber extruders from any OEM.

NFM is the only rubber extruder manufacturer on the market today that believes reliability is your right. Put NFM to work on your next rubber extruder challenge. Call us at 330-837-3868, or initiate a quote today.