The Most Reliable Performance in Polymer Compounding Extruders

NFM’s extrusion technology has been used for polymer compounding for over a half-century. Offering both the intermeshing screw technology of our TEM series, and the non-intermeshing design of our WE series extruders, NFM can offer the polymer compounding system that’s best suited for your application.

Polymer compounding is all about adding the highest level of value to your compounded products at the lowest level of operational cost. As a leading manufacturer of intermeshing twin-screw extruders, non-intermeshing twin-screw extruders, and full polymer compounding turnkey systems, we are uniquely qualified to support your process requirements.

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Available Equipment Includes

  • TEM Series Co-Rotating Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders
    • High shear capabilities for superior melting of multiple polymer streams
    • Intensive dispersive mixing for excellent homogeneity
    • Flexibility of screw and barrel configuration design for various feed streams
  • WE Series Counter-Rotating Non-Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders
    • Low shear and high surface renewal for superior washing & venting
    • Wide feed openings and downward screw motion for excellent feed acceptance
    • Long L/D ratios permit multistage additions
    • Reduced wear due to minimize rubbing surfaces in the non-intermeshing design
  • HSF Series Side-Feeders for filler and fiber addition.
  • Multiple feed opening extruder designs for venting and moisture removal.
  • Auxiliary equipment, such as solid and liquid feeders, vacuum pumps, screen changers and pelletizers.

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TEM Polymer Compounding with Strand Pelletizing

TEM PolymerCompoundingStrandPelletizing 

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TEM Polymer Compounding with Underwater Pelletizing

 TEM PolymerCompoundingUnderWaterPelletizing

NFM’s Process Development Engineers continuously work with customers, and perform independent research, aiming to optimize polymer compounding processes for a breadth of polymers. NFM’s Process Development Lab is fully equipped to test, optimize, and scale-up your polymer compounding application in any discipline, including:

  • Polyolefin Compounding
  • Engineering Polymer Compounding
  • Color Concentrates / Masterbatch
  • Bio-resin Compounding
  • Wood Composites
  • Polymer Alloy Compounding
  • Reactive Extrusion
  • TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomers

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Direct Extrusion
NFM also offers complete extrusion lines integrating finished product forming with in-line polymer compounding. Direct Extrusion of polymer compounds allow finished product producers to capture cost savings by eliminating the middle-man. Whether you’re looking to add color to your purchased polymer compound, or maintain complete formulation control, NFM can help you create a complete Direct Extrusion solution.

TEM Direct Extrusion 1250x500 w Text

Put NFM to work on your next polymer compounding challenge. Call us at 330-837-3868, or initiate a quote today.