NFM: Your Reliable and Affordable Resource for Rubber Processing Systems

NFM leads the industry in the design and configuration of rubber processing systems.

NFM is the industry leader in the design, configuration and manufacture of rubber processing systems, mixing mills and calenders. With more than 100 combined years of experience serving the global rubber marketplace, each NFM rubber processing system is designed and engineered to provide enhanced productivity and ease of maintenance. NFM also provides a full line of secondary auxiliary equipment, field service and parts.

HRX Series

Our HRX-II series of rubber processing systems offers an innovative design for improved feeding of compounds, which translates into improved performance and reduced operational costs.

HRX-II smooth bore rubber extruders offer simplicity of design, operation and maintenance, resulting in low cost, ease of operation, high uptime, and low maintenance. The HRX-II smooth bore extruders are offered in models ranging in size from 38mm to 250mm in vented and non-vented configurations.

HRX-II pin-barrel extruders are available in models ranging in size from 90mm to 250mm, and offer greater output, and better mixing at a lower shear than the same size cold-feed extruder with lower operating costs.

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WE Series

The WE series of rubber finishing systems incorporate many finishing steps into a single machine. This results in a large reduction of required manufacturing space, lower production costs, fewer emissions and reduced wastewater. Used world-wide for Devolatilization, Latex Coagulation, and Elastomer Drying, our WE Series is the technology leader in rubber finishing.

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Mixing Mills and Calenders

NFM’s rubber mixing mills incorporate a range of features that provide rubber processors the maximum versatility optimum energy efficiency and precise process control. NFM offers compact, space-saving mixing mills from production models to laboratory/small scale production mills.

The NFM line of calenders is designed to handle all types of rubber and thermoplastic materials. The latest design incorporates technical advancements giving precision and high quality production levels. The 2, 3, or 4 roll system can be engineered to any roll configuration to suit the specific application.

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