Silicone Curing

NFM & NFM IDDON are recognized world leaders in the design and manufacture of process machinery for the extrusion and curing of silicone rubber profiles, hoses and wire insulation. Working closely with material manufacturers, NFM has an in-depth understanding of silicone curing process requirements across the broad range of polymer grades.

The latest generation of "SILCURE" Extrusion Systems provide the optimum in silicone curing process efficiency and control.

Our modular approach to machinery design and line integration ensures that the most appropriate configuration of machinery is available to suit individual customer requirements.

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Silicon Curing

 HRX Silicone Curing

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HRX Series rubber extruders, with screw diameter ranging from 30mm to 150mm and L/D ratios of 10:1 (12:1 on larger size machines), are designed specifically for the processing of silicone compounds. These machines provide highly efficient cooling suitable for the most heat sensitive polymers. The unique screw design and precision drive control ensures exact output stability across a wide screw speed range.

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“Hot Box” Curing Ovens provide high intensity heating to initiate the cure. These machines utilize the latest in electrical energy implementation and may employ either infrared or radiant heaters. Operating temperatures in excess of 700°C can be attained and, with the use of multi-zone heating, the correct balance of heat can be applied about the most complicated profiles. Standard units are available in length of 750mm, 1000mm, 1750mm, and 2500mm.  Hot boxes can be mounted either horizontally or vertically depending on your process requirements.

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Extension Tunnels are used to maintain the silicone curing temperature without over heating the products. Horizontal units and vertical units are available with a range of standard and optional features. Horizontal flat belt extension tunnels utilize either Teflon coated PTFE or stainless steel belts with automatic belt tensioning and tracking systems. Typical operating temperatures are between 200 and 300°C.

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Hot boxes and Extension Tunnels are designed for easy access to the heat chamber for threading up of the profile or hose. Fully insulated and interlocked panels provide full operator safety.

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A complete range of specially designed silicone curing line ancillaries is available which can be operated independently or be fully integrated into the control system, including:

  • Low tension caterpillar type haul-off units
  • Capstans
  • Single and twin head winders
  • High speed cutters
  • Various types of cooling units

Electrical control and line integration plays a key role in ensuring overall plant efficiency, quality control, and full functionality for any silicone curing process. NFM has developed a PLC system which incorporates the latest in drive, temperature, and process control with high resolution touch screen operator interface. The basic modules are used for the machinery functionality and these can be further extended to incorporate gauging, product temperature, and quality functions.

Put NFM to work on your next silicone curing equipment challenge. Call us at 330-837-3868, or initiate a quote today.