Your Affordable, Reliable Source for Control Systems for Polymer Extrusion Systems

Reliable extrusion system controls which are custom engineered for your application is what you should expect when shopping for your polymer extrusion systems manufacturing partner. The Aries II Extrusion Control System enables precise process adjustment and monitoring of your plastic or rubber extrusion systems. Available on new installations or as a retrofit on existing extrusion systems lines, the Aries II provides greater control and increased productivity.


Key features of our extrusuon systems controls include:

  • Factory automation, control of main components and peripherals
  • Three modes of operation: operator, supervisor and engineering
  • Password protected
  • Two-tier alarm and warning system
  • Data capture and record of Process, Event, and Alarm Histories for trending and SPC
  • Process recipe management
  • Remote connectivity for service, process support and updates


  • Windows platform
  • Rockwell RSView32 or Panel View Plus object-oriented control system using visibility, animation and touch-to-perform for wide variety of complex tasks


  • Industrial Intel® architecture computer
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Network connectivity
  • Touch screen interface
  • Many I/O forms, types and interfaces


  • Hardware: add PLCS, racks, remote nodes
  • Device tags: 300 basic system, upgrade to 1000s
  • Single run-time license included
  • RSView32 RSLINX software by Rockwell, non-proprietary
  • Custom assembled/coded for your specific application
  • Extrusion equipment preconfigured and ready for plug-in: loaders, feeders, melt pumps, pullers, gauging/inspection equipment, cutters, etc.

Standard Features

  • Materials and process recipes allows for easy recall and product/process changeover
  • Networking with centralized and decentralized data storage, data and activity logs, database ready
  • Database backup/export/link to other networked devices and programs
  • Temperature PID control: display, alarms and recording for extruder, dies and other equipment
  • Monitor, display, record and alarm process pressures, motor drive current
  • Process trend viewing of live data tags or recorded historical information
  • Remote control/monitor for diagnostics, debugging, maintenance, upgrading and management
  • Simulation modes for training, on-screen help
  • Kiosk-type, free-standing station or swing arm pendant - 15", 17" and 24" bit color LCD TFT displays with 1000x720 pixel resolution, resistive touch
  • Factory friendly industrial PC in small form factor
  • Non-volatile PLC memory retains last used operating parameters

Safety Features

  • Mandatory startup/shutdown process logic sequences eliminates operator influence and protects machinery from overloads and damage
  • Automated coordination of speed control of multiple drive/motor systems
  • Integrated Safety Modules with redundant Safety Rated Switches and hardware for personnel and machine protection.


  • Displayed as flashing screen, trigger visual beacons, audible signals, pagers
  • High and low pressures and temperatures, high current
  • Warnings can notify of process deviation and provide corrective help on console to amend
  • Uninterruptible power supply backup on PC allows for safe shutdown in advent of power disruption

Custom Controls

  • Siemens PLC and HMI
  • Wonderware PC Based HMI


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