HRX-II Rubber Extrusions Equipment

NFM offers a complete line of affordable, reliable accessories for our HRX-II line of rubber extrusions equipment as well as retrofit options for any existing OEM rubber extrusions equipment.

Available Accessories Include:

  • Feedscrews
  • Barrels
  • Feed Section & Power Feed Roll Assemblies
  • MonoClamps
  • Die Heads
    • Profile
    • Tube
    • Cross-head



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New & Rebuilt feedscrews with O.D. dimensions from 1” (25mm) to 26” (660mm) and up to lengths of 30’ (9.1m). Barrier and pin-type screws are custom engineered for your application and designed to work with any OEM rubber extrusions equipment.

Feedscrews are available with Colmonoy, Stellite, Hardfacing, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, and a variety of other materials designed for optimal performance in meeting your wear requirements.

hrx feedscrew


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New & Rebuilt barrels can be supplied for any OEM rubber extrusions equipment.

  • Honing available when required
  • Relining of full-length barrels up to 24” (610mm) I.D.
  • Re-sleeve partial to full length barrels
  • All Liners installed using interference fit for safety & pressure specifications

Barrels available with either interference fit liners, or HIP’d bimetallic surfaces, in a variety of materials designed for optimal performance in meeting your application requirements.

HRX Accessories PinBarrel

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Feed Sections:

New & Rebuilt designs available to suit any application. Feed box openings designed from spheroidal cast iron or steel, can include promet bronze bushing, bimetallic liner, spiral undercut and power feedroll. Cored for heating and cooling.

Feed Rolls are hardened and ground on all surfaces, mounted on roller bearings and fitted with high efficiency mechanical seals.

Feed Hopper Guards are heavy gauge steel plate with rollers mounted on top opening, suitable for universal feed locations. Additional emergency stop button is mounted in proximity to the feed aperture.

HRX Accessories FeedScrew Combo3

HRX Accessories fSectionOpenTrans


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Mono Clamp System:

NFM’s exclusive designs offer manual or hydraulic clamps that provide quick and easy access to the die area. Optional single or double hinges are available for further ease of removal and switching of dies. Designed for extruder pressures up to 65 MPs (10,000 psi) with single joint adjustment of clamping force.

HRX Accessories ExtruderMonoClamp


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Die Heads:

Custom die heads available built for Profile Extrusion, Tube Extrusion, and Cross-Head Extrusion.

DieHeads HRX2