TEM Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders

From screw elements to control systems and from barrels to side feeders, NFM offers a complete line of affordable, reliable accessories for our TEM co-rotating twin-screw extruders.

Available Accessories Include:

  • Co-Rotating Twin Screw Shafts & Elements
  • Twin Screw Barrels
  • HSF Series Side Feeders
  • Mono-Clamp Die Assembly Systems
  • Composite Thermal Barriers
  • Extruder and Turnkey Control Systems
  • Hydraulic Element Pullers
  • Many other offerings providing innovative and custom solutions
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Screw Elements:

NFM is constantly conducting research and has gained tremendous experience and expertise from many years in the production of precision twin-screw extruder machinery. Based on this, we’re able to provide screw configurations to meet any processing requirement.

  • Many types of special design elements and configurations are available.
  • Shaft & element spline design provides maximum free volume and torque.
  • Optional screw cooling available for temperature sensitive applications.

Elements are available in a variety of materials designed for optimal performance in meeting your wear and/or corrosive resistant requirement.

screw Elements V4


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Twin-Screw Barrels: 

NFM offers an assortment of co-rotating twin-screw extruder barrel configurations to meet virtually any processing need.

  • One-piece configuration
  • Cored for temperature control
  • Bi-metallic materials are applied through HIP process
    • Double thickness provides less dilution
    • Superior to centrifugal cast process

Our twin-screw extruder barrels are available in a variety of materials designed for optimal performance in meeting your wear and/or corrosive resistant requirements.


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HSF Series Side Feeder:

NFM’s standard line of side-feeders is available for every TEM Series model of NFM’s co-rotating twin-screw extruders. High speed and high free volume design. Available with degassing for improved feeding of high bulk density materials. Feeders are readily portable for storage when not in use and replaced by extruder barrel plugs.



NFMW 0004 TEM Accessories Side Feeder


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Mono Clamp System:

NFM’s exclusive designs offer manual or hydraulic clamps that provide quick and easy access to the die area. Optional single or double hinges are available for further ease of removal and switching of dies. Designed for extruder pressures up to 65 MPa (10,000psi) with single point adjustment of clamping force.

MonoClamp 3

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 Composite Thermal Barrier: 

For temperature sensitive materials, NFM offers thermal barrier plates constructed of composite materials, which minimize thermal transfer between the feed and processing barrels of the extruder. These barrier plates prevent premature melting of additives, and other temperature sensitive materials, which otherwise may cause bridging and freeze-off of the extruder feed throat.


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Aries II Control System:

The Aries II Control System is an object-oriented extrusion process control system using visibility, animation, and touch to perform a wide variety of complex tasks.


  • Extruder and auxiliaries control supplied by NFM including all key operating parameters
  • 3 modes of operation: operator, supervisor and engineering
  • Password protected
  • 2-tier warning and alarm system
  • Data capture and record for trending
  • Process recipe management
  • Remote connectivity for service, process support and updates
  • Customized designs upon request


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Hydraulic Element Puller:

Designed to dramatically reduce intensive labor and downtime when removing elements from the splined shaft of a twin-screw extruder.  Utilizes hand-held controls and an electrically driven hydraulic pump for smooth, constant force during element removal.

ElementPuller 2 

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Many other extruder and system accessories are available upon request. With on-site engineering and manufacturing capabilities, NFM is ready to troubleshoot and produce innovative solutions for any process hurdle you may encounter.