WE Series Counter-Rotating Non-Intermeshing Twin-Screw Compounding Extruders

NFM’s WE Series counter-rotating non-intermeshing twin-screw compounding extruders are highly specialized and almost always custom engineered for specific polymer processing applications. NFM offers a complete line of reliable accessories and customizations for our WE Series counter-rotating non-intermeshing twin-screw compounding extruders to tailor your process and optimize productivity.

Available Compounding Extrduer Accessories Include:

  • Customizable Screws
  • Barrels
  • Mechanical Filters
  • Side Feeders
  • Multiple Vent Assembly Designs
  • Injection Ports
  • Barrel Plugs
  • Many other offerings providing innovative and custom solutions

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Non-intermeshing screws are built using adjoining segments allowing for optimization of custom process design. Screw materials of construction are typically stainless steel with Plasma Transfer Arc welded alloy materials to full width of the flight lands for improved wear resistance. Many other materials are available to suit your specific application requirements.

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NFM offers an assortment of counter-rotating non-intermeshing barrel configurations to meet virtually any processing need.

  • One-piece construction
  • Cored for temperature control
  • Available with hot oil or electric heat control.
  • Bi-metallic materials are applied via HIP process
    • Double thickness provides less dilution
    • Superior to centrifugal cast process or barrel liners

Our twin screw barrels are available in a variety of materials designed for optimal performance in meeting your wear and/or corrosive resistance requirements.

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Mechanical Filters:

NFM offers a full line of Mechanical Filters designed to remove up to 90% of fluids, volatiles, & vapors per stage. These tightly tolerance, twin-screw filtration systems have proven effectiveness in a variety of applications and can aid in processes demanding residual moisture and volatile levels below fractions of a percent. Sizes range from filtration rates of 5 to 300 gallons per minute (GPM) and are available for most twin-screw compounding extruder diameters.



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Aries II Control System:

Aries II Control System is an object-oriented extrusion process control system using visibility, animation, and touch to perform a wide variety of complex tasks. 


  • Extruder and auxiliaries control supplied by NFM including all key operating parameters
  • 3 modes of operation: operator, supervisor and engineering
  • Password protected
  • 2-tier warning and alarm system
  • Data capture and record for trending
  • Process recipe management
  • Remote connectivity for service, process support and updates
  • Customized designs upon request



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NFM also offers a full array of Vent Assemblies, Injection & Instrument Port options, tools & accessories. Contact NFM for help in customizing your extrusion process and optimizing your production performance.