Hydraulic Element Pullers

Hydraulic Element Pullers

About Hydraulic Element Pullers


Designed to dramatically reduce intensive labor and downtime when removing elements from the splined shafts of twin-screw extruders, the EP Series Hydraulic Element Pullers are a crucial unit for operational efficiency and safety.

These Element Pullers utilize a unique cradle-type sliding clamp head and a pair of threaded tension rods to easily and safely remove screw segments.


Hydraulic Assist – No more brass hammer and chisel. An electrically driven hydraulic pump supplies a smooth constant force to remove screw elements from the splined shaft. This hydraulic system provides the necessary force required to safely remove the elements.

Complete Control – Featuring a hand held pendant controller, the operator has full view of the progress as each screw element is removed.

Operational Savings – Utilizing the EP Series Hydraulic Element Puller eliminates unnecessary hours of labor to manually remove stubborn screw elements. The constant force applied by the hydraulic system greatly reduces the chances of breaking elements by sharp strikes from a brass hammer. Low operational costs of the unit and one-man operation means your manpower can be spent elsewhere.

Clamp Type


The Mobile Clamp either hydraulically (via hand hydraulic pump) or mechanically (via hand tightened) grips the elements within its brass jaws. These jaws are designed based on your extruder screw diameter and effectively grip your element over a large surface area. The Mobile Clamp is then locked into place and pulled with the Element Puller’s Hydraulic System to safely pull the element off the shaft.


The Stationary Clamp is positioned at the end of the Hydraulic Element Puller and utilizes a mechanical clamp which safely grips the screw shaft to prevent movement during element extraction.

Clamp Size


NFM’s Hydraulic Element Pullers are available in several sizes each covering a wide breadth of extruder screw diameters and work with any make and model of splined screw shaft design.

  • EP-26/58
  • EP-40/95
  • EP-58/170

Element Puller units are manufactured to order based on your extruder diameters and screw L/D. Customers wanting to use one Element Puller for multiple extruder sizes may require multiple clamp jaw sets which are designed for easy change. Larger and custom designed Element Pullers are also available upon request.

EP Series Hydraulic Element Pullers are mounted on support stands with heavy-duty casters for easy portability to and from your extrusion lines for quick service.